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A group of government employees and private citizens appear to be defending a deployment against the American people, their children at schools, and churches; that tens of thousands of people have described as torture. What are they really defending? Interested in operations? "Figure it out." To verify these statements and uncover further engineering, learn to spiderhunt. Request access to spiderhunter on facebook for detailed information, or visit spider operations on youtube. You get involved, leave your conscience at the border. This is our crew and this is what we do. According to the rules of conflict defined by the intelligence community, enemy combatants target the general population with weapons. Non enemy combatants target those men targeting the general population. This is my perspective on the problem, and my experience, their are billions of possible perspectives relative to the lives we each live. Regarding this issue, the information here should not be construed as the sum of the problem, but a perspective of and relative to other operations.

American Union Defense and correlated database still in development.

(not ready)(domestic first, "be here now." (find connections to international, if any)

We must care about our nation for it to be successful. The united states has a history of building unions to solve disputes. (>=1in2017)

Developing Conflict

Trans National Corporate Directory
Special Intel correlate to AU defense. Specifically, trans national organization
spanning from south american, to california, new york, and central europe. NOT ACTIVE
  • British Intelligence, Mission Impossible and the GCHQ, known operations, Canada, Australia, South Africa (trifecta correlated)
  • FSB, Russia, known operations, specifically crimea, chechnya, and bosnia (trifecta correlated; lost vote central moscow)
  • BND, German, known operations (trifecta correlated)
  • Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia, Addis Adaba (trifecta correlated)
  • Chinese Intelligence and Taiwan (trifecta correlated)
  • Japan and Korea; ICMBs, american black outs, and nuclear plans (trifecta correlated)
  • India and the china pattern disputes (trifecta correlated)
  • Spain SARs Weapons, radio saturation index
  • Saudi Arabia, Mossad, and beach side deployment (florida)
  • G20 Bikers and Uncle Allah

Menu Response
Use existing or innovative measures to respond without force to a threat identified to the communities. These processes should indicate countermeasures for escalation.

Seeking Volunteers
Right to Defense. Design and Contributions Enumerated.

This is parallel agency, and serves functions as required by community. Large enterprises are often not responsive to the needs of a local or regional consideration. These organizations are assembled with such a proposition as to be responsive.
Please Volunteer your experience and qualifications and argue the founding of American defense that wont attempt murder on the southern states and will contribute to that defense.

We can not expect the opponent to reveal their strategy.

Participate in southern defense! Due diligence achieved 10/18/2018 For (AU) American Union organization. On this day we have achieved informing of weapons deployed against the American people; filmed, located, and proven one piece at a time. It is with great pride, I announce consideration for the formation of the American Union of Nation States, establishing enterprise and self governing the further location and disarm of those weapons deployed, and where other agency refuses. Meeting an|Enemy with an|Army who shows to defend those deployments against our Arch Natural Territories and People of the Land, requested of and endowed by a Natural God of the Americas, in the declaration of independence. We have achieved such appeal to the Government of an|Ark (government at perspective of the garden planet) once again, before construction of the documents, and will challenge the opponent after enumerating the problems of a patient suffering since 1991, when deployments began against our nation. We will carry the flag of our territory, and take it from men who use it to assault our people and other nations.

If you would like to contribute or participate with the Southern Defense, due diligence before action requires you exhaust access to popular defense. You must have a conversation; do not lay in wait. You are not a terrorist at the ready, participating with domestic SUS and American Defense.

Use existing resources: The American Union accepts deconstructive agency among men, who are builders and consumers. Interpretation of American Agency at Political perspective of American Party; The way forward is within natural tolerances. Planet and environment first, not monetary profit.
  • The FBI identifies criminal organizations and corporations, understands them, and deconstructs. Rinse and Repeat.
  • The States Enforcement identifies dangerous organizations and corporations, understands them, and deconstructs. Rinse and repeat.
  • The CIA identifies militant non defensive networks, understands them, and deconstructs. Rinse and Repeat. (Exception, defensive from militant government is acceptable.)
  • The NSA identifies communications signaling, understands them, and deconstructs. Rinse and repeat.
  • The EPA identifies danger to environment and ecosystem, and deconstructs it. Requires individuals and corporations to cleanup after themselves. Rinse and repeat.
  • Right to defense Breech and disarm for deconstruction of private or corporate innovation is where lethal to consumers, litigation, and challenge; requires caution.
  • Tolerance and capability requirements for natural innovation on the time line are "proven already" within natural threshold.
  • The United States political structure is accepted as it is, less militants funding the deployment and support of weapons systems against the Americas.
  • Law that is derived from natural origin and prosperity agreements is accepted. Life, Liberty, Environment. American Party politics will deconstruct what is not.
  • Politics The American party does not support, fund, or organize ethnic, deviation, or other "cleansing" of American society with extremism of duty and penalty the result of.
  • Extremism The American extremists are known to fly chemical weapons against the flocks of god and planet, in this and other nations with domestic and foreign enemy under cover of "geo-engineering" warfare, while deploying and supporting radio weapons in the ground, on the surface, or using existing infrastructure; and refuse enforcement of prosperity agreements that conflict with extreme ideology caging 1/3 of american's and condemning as sick or criminal those fighting back against extreme imaginings for violations of moral code among free men. Those men refuse to look for weapons their own rank deployed against the American people. To combat extremism, the officers are given a hand tool, taught a survey practice, and it is explicitly stated "there is a weapon deployed and this is exactly how to find it."
  • I pledge allegiance to the United States flag as a child everyday; that flag does not belong to an|enemy spraying people with chemical weapons, deploying electrostatic and induction weapons against schools and communities in this and other nations, not to a fixed vote, or to the torture in the homes and capital meeting places of citizens, politicians, and international leadership. I wont fight for those men who deploy and use those weapons, but I will fight for the flag.
  • There is no requirement to tell a truth to men assaulting our great nation, or to use the book of a middle east nation participating with that assault on our natural gods and their lands, to assert a truth.
The American Union does not "fight with cages, chemical, radioactive, or electrical weapons."

Methods of Engineered Assaults vs Wartime Activity
  • Often designed to use the law of a territory of a weapon.
  • Some scenarios place the weapons use out of reach and out of interception range for civilian defense. Jurisdiction, local, interstate and international boundaries, ot other process is used. In Florida, officers do not have jets to intercept the crop dusters, they do not have the technology to locate the sub surface weapons, and policy or other construction is designed to guard the deployments. Politician's planted, might raise an army to defend a speech, but to not disarm weapons against the people while selling them insurance.
  • Weapons use is out of the investigative scope of the offices, unable to use warrants or understand engineering diagrams of hardware for exploits part of media systems, x10 grid technologies, or other technically complex problems presented by satellite and tower communications.
  • Use of weapons like radio of electromagnetic weapons.

Database Supports American Defense initiatives
Assembled by AU : Florida Department of Defense
Fellow: Government of an Ark; Michael

(American Union will not fight to defend these deployments against the nations or states and has classified as domestic enemy combatant those American organizations participating in building Jihad. Our armed forces will not defend as "righteous" these actions documented when challenged by war, by participating organizations inside or outside the territorial United States. The men participating in action against the territorial nations, are enemies of this Garden.)

Public Interface

"Take the flag from the domestic enemy; refuse the assault against this and other nations while it is carried."

Weapons problems across 272 florida deployments.

The problem of targeting in this way: To target me, the group drilled ten lines under a relatives house, 16 lines under the school, and 12 under the other, then a few under each of the other houses. What happens when the guy down the street becomes a target? 12 more lines go in under each of the schools, ten under the target, and few more under each of the others. What happens when the guy on creek lane gets targeted? !2 more line go in under each of the schools, and ten under the target, and few more under each. Where the houses with the most line are sick, crazy, terrorists, dead, hospitalized, or vacating the property, the same conditions are met at each other house, and intensity is increasing at the other sites. It is a weapon, and the more lines the more intense the field being delivered. The groups doing this are still actively targeting, and some are using automated hardware, inclduing media. Officers fighting for these deployments to reamin in place, are harming the communities. The use of media to make accusations, convince of false information (handed on platter) or to make threats against other family also targeted, is an indicator of use and who. These are weapons, and in areas where historically the use has been unchallenged, populations counts are dropping by the hundreds of thousands over the course of two decades, above move to and birth rates. When borth rates are considered, problmes like autism, or other psychological issues are evident. When these areas are mapped, all of the weapons trace back with patterns to a few sites, in the front or back yard of a private property, where removing the power meter at the deplyment site and attmepting to map again, the problem of the pattern deploymet can no longer be located.

Campaigns and Actions of the War
State police are not excluded, and note where participation is proven for radio active deployments to support the war against the united states.

Database Entry
Documented: Major Campaigns of the War
  • Headless Horseman (United States of America); This campaign deployed pattern shapes as induction operations authorized by "Obama's" grass roots campaign, under vote locations in the united states, prior to 2001. When communities are notified, their town, county, state, and president of the us, is illegitimate back to at least 2001. Can be proven with blind verification using hand tools at spider operations and as already deployed.
  • Headless Horseman (United Nations); Same tactic of USA, influences vote to authorize war or prevent actions.
  • Trailing the Nations
  • Spraying the Chinese Pigs with swine flu on 11/2009 (advised by Israeli intel when blocked via internet) (2009 global outbreak)
  • Sub Surface radio deployments; On going Area of Affect Weapons Deployments.
  • Patriot Act or Patriots Acting; Sewer was thrown against the wall favoring Arabian assault on USA and discouraging all actions but military intervention.
  • The southern capital buildings where drilled out with governor mansions; noted that each targeted location in Florida is sprayed, sick, crazy, dead, or vacant. Who targeted? Locate deployment site after mapping the pattern shape deployment inserted under the building, and extract the hardware.
  • The leadership of the United Nations, and meeting places are targeted by induction known In the united states. Who targeted? Locate deployment site after mapping the pattern shape deployment inserted under the building, and extract the hardware. Kicker, level of detail recorded, watching children change in their rooms, shower, or bath.
  • Federal reserve Job: The trading room floors of the NYSE, Chicago, London, and Japan were drilled out before planes slammed into the world trade center. Who targeted? Locate deployment site after mapping the pattern shape inserted under the building, and extract the hardware. >100 banks targeted at the branch. While group is recovering activity of home occupants they are recovering bank account numbers of deceased account holders.
  • G20 bikers ride "iron horses" around isreal to preach after isreali was deployed against with sub surface electrostatic weapons. Return to USA with uncle allah and organized crime (islam and neo nazis dominant in prisons) also deploying weapons. Hamas and iran comment on two nations "weaker than a spiderweb" and post videos on youtube, correlated with al-ankhubut verses. iran then proceeds to deny the holocaust, and whilst the christians are targeted by weapons deployments. Iran is later found allied with russia, india, germany and italy, correlated through england, to new york, california and down to south america and nigeria.
  • tracking the deployments uses "targeted individual forums, where intel is proving accurate for deployment activity, flight deliverables, and nations affilaited. specifically, the group of these individuals are all blaming the same people and are a witnes base for symptoms arguement at court; these people are knonw to do extenisve research on the topics. These forums are emrging in most nations where middle eastern and cartel combatants and mercenaries are known to travel, live, or operate.

Database Entry
Documented: Sub Major Campaigns of the War
  • In iraq, Since police began using dowsing to find bombs and targeted communities, more than 15,000 officers have lost their lives. Today, police departments and federal agencies are targeted by EMF weapons deployed under their floors; agents of the states deploying these weapons are refusing investigation while harming the schools, officers, and communities with similiar EMF radioactive deployments.
  • Homeland security monitoring with movies 800,000 Mexican, central and south American children and families in their homes suspected of immigration violations. Agents say they cut the video of children bathing or changing; teenagers with their partners, like FBI does mafia families. In this area children and teenagers are charged for interaction in there homes via monitoring agents for violations. See operation "spiderweb" by FDLE, correlated with FDLE comments that the drill work only "makes fairies" for targets. Currently, acquiring level of detail in each location. Noted level of interaction video media interaction in these areas. Schools and churches also targeted with radio active weapons.
  • The deployed weapon can produce visuals, symptoms of PTSD from consistent electrical stress departed by an electrical field found with dowse mapping, has interaction often described as alien or supernatural and media interaction, and is capable of playback for neural recordings often called "video games." The weapon is deployed, and should be mapped before war begins, neural recordings will be played to affect entirely targeted areas playing back specific symptoms. Chemical weapons are often used to deter detection, stalkers are used as distraction for sub surface deployments.
  • Officers refusing to detect and remove the weapons have encouraged further deployments against united states citizens; presenting no penalty for a weapon deployed. A method to detect, where patent can not be purchased and hidden, is presented to the world population prior to attempts at depopulation. A reliance on electronics is not needed, the hand tool is seen working in the hands for the purpose it is intended when combined with a survey practice and community map. It discovers more than EMF weapons, and is capable of locating any electrical field influencing the person and causing the hand tool to make motion in the hands.

Database Entry
Documented: Major Tactic
  • American Armed forces was displaced to Middle east, Opportunity used to assault united states.
  • American Armed forces displaced to North Korea, Opportunity used to assault the united states.
  • Creation of Federal oversight, and scope of assignment prevented states from acting to prevent trifecta. (TSA flight interceptions, closed air traffic control, HLS chasing the American dream and Mexican children, like state police, presidents signed off on the war)
  • FLANK: The police force and mafia personnel funded by overseas combatants deployed radio weapons under soldiers, and schools, with soldiers committing suicide at 22 a day for EMF Radioactive weapons deployed under their homes. The officers and compromised state personnel then use a place of healing to disarm the soldiers, and the flank tactic kills them when they are the streets.
  • Natural beliefs and Bikers where used in part to deploy in the USA, after bikers of G20 crated up and sent their motorcycles to drive and preach in Israel. (Iron Horses)
  • Sub surface Radio weapons deployments began in 1980s. Since deployments began, population of Buffalo, NY has decreased 9)according to US Census) several hundred thousand. Organizing for Jihad began prior to 2001 when horseman strategy identified the coincidence of criminals deployments, a possibility.

Database Entry
Documented: Minor Campaigns
  • New York State, >178 New York State Schools. Trifecta Recorded; Maps, Occasional Flights, Occupied Media; not documented yet. Looking for persons in New York State to assist with perimeter checks of the school buildings. This tip came in as compared to the "number of children a candle light vigil was held for" as equal to the number of known targeted school properties.
  • Florida State Cards\ 4 Cards known ; Operative War Games. The queen of clubs is known. Logic: ISIS took the credit; but I'm unsure they hold the face value of the card, this incident made the card involving a man shooting up an LGBT club after targeting with "spider Ops." Florida does not "Hold" the queen of clubs." Cheating: Our hand has a king riding a bicycle as joker, a king of spades, and a wildcard. Other cards are not face-up. to play a card like queen of clubs, locate "spiderweb" under who made the terrorist for pulse night club)
  • United Nations Chesa 1 move known; Operative War Games. King(s) take position of Queen in England. Sub Board made from one move. Drill work from the "farms" target the schools in Volusia. Chess board made at farm in England as crop circle.
  • China; (refers to use of swine flu purportedly by false news article, but Wikipedia says we outbreak; a plane was downed, but chemtrails research is finding routine business to cross the border by doping tanks of consumer flight to trail. The article, released on 2009/11
  • Washington Gamble 1 move known; Operative War Games Politicians, political sub surface influence; the gamble? 
  • Dead Presidents 1 move known; Operative War Games. The south is "chem trailed" three times; documented by satelitte. Cointel and spider operations is used to place obama. Operations around the president authorize induction, place the americans on medicine, remove the rebel flag from stores and instate diaper policy.
  • Pensacola Shuffle , 1 move known Operative War Games. This involves the number of parties "drilling" under a single site or more sites. Mostly mafia cartels and spies. Coordination discovered. No body knows who is holding the cards.
  • Hamburg Hustle 1 move known ; Operative War Games. German Companies use spider operations, but paid for from Italy. Documented by spider hole take down filled with guns and radios. Whistleblowers targeted by spider ops, and the hijackers. However, the installation labor is from south America.
  • IASSAI 1 move known Operative War Games. 1970s operations correlated to CIA, KGB, MI, and Middle eastern intelligence writing the "name for a god of war" in the history books. IASSAI is an order of attack, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran. Correlation: Runners in Florida and Runners in Syria made with spider operations.
  • KIS KIS KIL IS 1 move known Operative War Games. ISIS, ISIL, KKK; Thought to be a transitional vessel for the American conflict prior to the Mexican American war "over and under a wall," correlated from the middle east. Both organization thought to be built by the war machine to fight terrorism, as terrorism; became the enemy. More organizations built to fight. (South America proxy fighter)
  • Brazil and the Olympic Actors 1 move known>; Operative War Games. Coca and Poppy cartels installed thousands of spider operations, with mafia friends against the usa. The studios appear to be blaming anyone but the cartels. These games began when the Brazil Olympics walked a spier as part of the opening ceremonies, looking like a "water bug" 
  • Russian Roulette 2 moves known ; Operative War Games. Thought be a series of blame taking; namely Chem trails and stratospheric weapons, Spider operations, and occupied media. Moscow is vocally at opposition with spraying the people. The reference here is to game, and where CIA took credit for spraying the nation, and Obama took credit for subsurface radio weapons as induction, congress must put two bullets in the six shooter before pulling the trigger. These operations are adding bullets with activity targeted multiple states and nations that is blamed on Washington DC bureaucracy, who is not to blame.
  • Market crash scheme ; group install influential lines under world markets. Wallstreet, Chicago, Japan, possibly London. It is revealed to press (like booker room and penny stocks)
  • Federal reserve job; lines inserted under hundreds of banks. Started when the hijackers landed plane into world trade center. Prior to this, induction lines were inserted under NYC exchange, Chicago, England, Tokyo, Hong kong, etc.
  • Firestorm strategy see jihad watch; informs one targeted segment i of society at a time. Teach Muslims to look for radio deploys or black people, or cops, or labels ... etc ... and orchestra.
  • Bullets at wallstreet;  Companies killed families, and harming communities, uses trencher work to harm the communities. England calls the use from a subway tunnel, subway mosquitos, as code. the buffalo mafia, calls these deployments "phone lines" fdod, calls the pattern shapes "a snakes nest" or "spiders web " is phones are use or plumbers snakes, or a spider webs when pattern shapes are found. Telling America  wall street company targeted a family. Devalues stock to some extent. Affects market, how many companies paid? 
  • Are you wearing your label? Labeling is thought a transition for the war from Middle East to USA. The police of fifty states use their websites to require public carry of label. In Middle East terrorist were targeted, but are only a single unit if the conflict. In USA, labels rounded  up like terrorists in middle east. Hate correlated. 
  • Salsa or merengue? Dancing In Mexico City and Costa Rica.
  • Geographically labeling the American States, (each police department has requirement for citizens to carry public label by town, county, and state.) assigned by geography of precinct website access) has recently emerged that killing gays, transsexuals, and sexual deviation is acceptable among military personal and civilians by "DONT ASK DONT TELL MEDIA" policy. The CIA used invasive labeler scheme compared to WW2 Germany in middle east, and media telling how much damage label will do to community, to justify killing domestic defense as "terrorism," labeling of the state for kis kis kil began. If you know labeled person and don't report it, your as bad as the label; this is a lie.
  • EMF Radio weapons deployments, Induction, drilled from neighbors homes can e located and at conveniently shaped like spider webs and wolverine claws from deployment sites. Learn to locate these learned hand tools and technical at this link: < href="">weapons deployments for jihad.
  • American police labeled the American people with a require to bear that label publicly, by data base access geographic by town, city, county, and state. Policy by the Trump administration has HLS making movies of 800,000 Mexican children bathing, changing, or doing other personal things in their bedrooms. Agencies like FDLE, and private contract6ors are watching people in their homes with hidden programs, and recording information with devising implanted with state approval, or dug under the homes, or accessing other consumer electronics. (specifically, state cyber units accessing cameras on cellphones, tablets, and computers used by minors) In Volusia county, the agents and the contractors comment into the media when children masturbate or adults have sex, using whatever available IO, as part of an occupation by uniformed officers and foreign or domestic intelligence.
  • Interrogating in the homes, the officer drilled under the schools and prisons, to affect, interrogate, and./or cook a "captive audience" as part of the "Hollywood" terrorism indicators with design by idle eastern combatants. Specifically, the use of doubles and double organizations stemming from Hollywood, fl to Hollywood, ca grass roots drill work.

Database Entry
Documented: Minor Operations of the War (USA)

State and International Organizations using these weapons against the 14 and 14.

Entries documented: United States armed forces and State defense refuse to intercept their own activity, or like North Korea, Moralize it is harming the people. For local, county, state, and federal agents, local, state, and federal leadership: Ignorance is not an excuse.

Database Entry

The Jihad that was manufactured by military industrial complex
  • Sort by targeted Country; Warning here: Russia and China are moving to combat CIA and FBI, with budget exceeding 2 billion annual to spray the nations.
  • Sub surface radio weapons are increasingly displaying use by military operatives of multiple nations, including Germany and South American, USA, England.
  • Weaponized media or "propaganda campaigns" assaulting the nations are increasing being found as more than mafis and cartel, but use by the militarized of nations engaged with aerial chemical weapons. (they built the war they can not win)
  • Documentation is provided with links to evidence approach.
  • To qualify in the sort, the nation must have all conditions of trifecta assaults, including chemtrails, subsurface radio active weapons deployments, and weaponized occupied media.
  • LINK: Disease

Sort by Targeted nation

Database Entry
Documentation is provided with links to evidence approach.
To qualify in the sort, the nation must have all conditions of trifecta assaults, including chemtrails, subsurface radio active weapons deployments, and weaponized occupied media.
Sort by targeted State.
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • Texas
  • Louisiana

Action of the United Nations (Isolating combatants)
(Nations like North Korea refuse to moralize or cease actions threatening their own population and those other nations. These motions by UN Diplomacy move to find nations ignoring the agreements of the nations by making policy; often these agreements of more than 190 nations.) Getting policy in place.
  • American Chemical Engineering Society talks about United Nations Ban on Chemtrails in 2010. Read article here.
  • Paris Agreement, has the United state as one of the only nations not agreeing to protect the environment with international policy. Read Article Here
  • Other agreements
These are later used to label the "allied of the middle east war, including Saudi Arabia, as "axis" powers assaulting the garden gods and nations. This accomplished where these nations refuse to adhere agreement of the nations." On this day more than 17,000,000 soldiers, among nations and their families, have been sprayed by chemical, metals, and other weapons as deliverables by planes.

Documenting Radioactive Weapons deployments in the State of Florida (Not complete)

Notable wartime activity
  • ATF and FBI are disassembling United States civilian defense as terrorists. Refusing to intercept trifecta+ weapons.
  • Media campaigns; the Copyright violations have not been filed on behalf of major sports and broadcasting networks yet.
  • Technical exploits and exhaust issues of planes have not had lawsuits filed yet.
  • The airforce has not intercepted a single chemical deliverable plane since 1991.
  • The FBI has not disarmed a single spider operation
  • The state police have not disassembled a single media harassment of coercion prior to conflict media unit.
  • Etc.

Pending diplomatic efforts
  • Diplomacy: Possible alliances of the SUS (southern united states) Include other states and nations targeted by Trifecta+ Operations, Chemical Planes, Sub surface radioactive weapons deployments, and media engineering for coercions prior to conflict and war.
  • The American Union is disconnecting itself from American funded operations targeting generally the southern states with weapons of war, and those societies of other nations with technical exploits for routine business and political corruption permitting the flights. Classifying those persons, affiliations, and organizations as "enemy combatants" to our garden territory, flocks, people, and way of life.
  • We take what is good of the United States, including the Flag, and declare those others enemy of; attempting suicide for the untied states congress with actions of war against so many states and nations. Waiting for those armies to swing back at us. (Same tactice used by ISIS in the middle east; assaulting the nations and waiting for them to send armies to make them stop.)
  • Assaulting trifecta+ operations will only find a cage for a defensive effort from enemy combatants defending the use of those weapons delivered and deployed against the southern states and nations.

Campaigns of the conflict in place with triggers
  • Federal Reserve Job. The federal reserve job considts of amultitude of independant ttriggers AIP. This job started when the hijackers landed aplane into the world trade center buildings in New York. The trigger is built in volusia county as part of a dominoes. Wells Fargo and Fifth Third bank have induction lines reading from tellers installed under tham, with cpability tp respond into the media. This job has has about 1000 banks drilled out, currently skimmin deceased account holders. The larger portion of the federal reserve job is the influential drill work under the new york, chicago, london, tokyo stock eschanges.
  • Flash Point. Th flash point is built in volusia county. When us armed forces find the "movie" they will "spider hunt" the major geography of volusia county. This leads to a search in 66 other counties, 49 states, and multiple other nations. As the hardware is recover from schools, churches, and other deployment areas, the enemy is idenitfied.
  • Christian Cook out. This job has installed bakeware found wtih the hand tool under most churches in volsuai county, specifically, christians. The stress applied to the person in the pew helps them "see god" and interrogates for confessions at the alter, recroded by hardware at adjecent sites.
  • Chicago "Grass roots." Election fixes in florida have induction drill work drilled under the vote locations, and media interrogation is affiliated with the sub surface, or under the ground grass roots deployments in florida. In chicago, the polcie were charged for tirture, they have not told about the population reducing induction deployments in chicago burbs and inside th ecity limits connected to chicago occupied media delivery sites. Chicago is a trigger city. Like volusia in dominoes for the south, chicago is domios for northern block cities. AIP.
  • Escambia county trigger; combinations of cops and crooks targeted soldier communities with sub srface radio active weapons, and their children in the classroom.Maps available of all area schools. Police already informed of trencher machine (aka drill machine) use.

  • 9/11/2001. Hijackers slam planes into the world trade center, a chemtrail plane into the pentagon, and a plane into rural pennsyvannia after , where funding comes "missing the whitehouse." from for a majority of trencher deployments done by south americans.
  • 9/10/2020. possesion is Nine tenths (9/10) of the law. Correlated by radio active deplyments having a side affect of "paranormal activity" and posession or ownership of the deployments for use. The twenty twenty, is a refernce to sight, and twenty twenty vision, among other correlation.
  • 9/9/XXXX. A hole in 1. Details not understood yet. Please send information when it is discovered. Thought correlated with the feds targeted, and polcie departments.

Misc. Weapons use (tracking)
  • Weapons tracking from miami to boston, syrian in origin.
  • SARS use, spain.
  • New York City, tracking hot rod thermite (nuclear hot red rod and thermite mix, enriched ball shape neutron injected by bombardement)
  • Nerve agents type V and G, flight deliverables in florida
  • Sarin gas line, leon county, trencher line deployment
  • Humans meats in haliburton canned goods
  • Enforcement bakeware. Well water and trencher line doping, las vegas MDMA water supply doping
  • Us armed forces vaccines and autism, lobatomy goods.
Issues with weapons tracking, in volusia, reporting to police has no response. Agents were informed of school drill work, gas attacks, flight deliverables, video was provided. Statement was your sick and drill work only makes "fairies." Citizen intel is not useful for sheriffs in our town or state. Weapons are still deployed and active against schools and churches. Sheriffs videographed deploying. Several neighbor witness to uniformed officers deploying the weapons with trencher machines (aka directional drills).

Trifecta+ Terror. Drill lines found under shooters, chemical planes provided by citizens on youtube, occupied media.
  • Las Vegas Shooter
  • Pulse Night club
  • San Antonio Shooter
  • Navy command shooter, (aka navy nigger)
  • Known news "fbi makes a terrorist" called sick if weapon provided is not used.

Intelligence Games, in action. Like all other intel, "coat hangers and amp idenitifed operations areas, but not any of the "players."

  • Casino games
    • Cards. Cards are played using terror events. After the evnt, spiderhunt the "shooter" and reveal the deployment hardware to "play a card.
    • Roulette. Russian rouleet, and anumbers game.
  • Board Games
    • Monopoly; monopoly has two player types known. One type is aproperty racket, cheating with radioaxtive weapons to turn house. The second player are the feds, buying drill site properties to disarm and recover hardware. Players in over 35 major USA and European cities.
    • Risk; A game of soldiers and hidden armies.

  • Spy vs Spy (mad magizine)
    • Black spy drills under white spy and sits in a mole hole. White spy drills under black spy and sits ina mole hole. The radio lines lead back to the mole holes where they work, and some are tied to remote spook lines under other targets.
    • Major intel vs major intel, thought working with organized criminal deplyemtns for blame setting.

    Jobs. Empty spiderwebs. (shuffle not explained here.)
    • Pensacola Shuffle, complete.
    • Volusia Shuffle, complete with this amercian union post.
    • Trap the trapper. A spiderweb is a natural trap.
    • State came to house and called me god, media told me to tell the president of the USA. Extracting the lines and media connections discovers who intiated the attack on "god and country," after spraying the community and school yards with 78 flight deliverable sorties (multiple planes) in 13 months.
    • Childs games: connect the dots while mapping to find a deployment. Find multiple deployments and connect the dots to find engineering. uncover other acts of war across geographpy of deployments and connect the dots to find trifecta+ operations.
    • Operations indice: Saddam and grimoire, pillars of salt and atomic weapons, reference to looking back after 30 years of radio weapons deployments in dozens of states and nations. correlated with labeling campaigns gepgraphiclly labeling americans. correlated to kite the trappers. saddam was set fire to the wrong drill sites, and was destoryed by energy polciy and big oil deployments. Grimoire, correlate to spider operations; it looks like a spiderweb, it must be a cult!
    • Comic book justice: Wolverine claw patterns (targets the vote, wolverine 1 and 2, red dawn, remote interrogation and remote rendition) spiderweb patternsv(1991 good fellas, spider card game episode), doctor octopus (a doctor implanting devices and inserting radio lines with trencher machines under targets.) abraham lincoln, capatain america, and spiderman, comic: gettysburg distress.
    • Operations since 1993, "LIBERTY" middle school targted by mexican and islam/muslim trencher crews and bomb threats called in.
    • Deviated: Once a deviation is not always a deviation.
    • Informing "all that apply" and information transfers regarding the wartime deplyments.

    War and the citizen. Patient suffering.
    • Declarations of war by polcie in 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.
    • Declarations of war by United States armed forces in 1970s, 1990s, and 2000s
    • Task Force: Trinity vs Trifecta

    Support Databases (External Links)

    Florida department of law enforcment files on my home insurance, before duplicating a single debt across all my securities, spraying my town 78 times, deploying EMF radioactive weapons against the schools, churches, and town, calls me god, and tells me to "Tell the president." Later advised, the drill work only makes fairies, By an FDLE agent. Note: A special agent lives on the deploymnet site! First targeted? In the 1990 at LIBERTY MIDDLE SCHOOL in ORANGE COUNTY, FL because my father was an evironmnetalist, bomb threats called in each time the drill work was complete and the state fogged my community every three days. From fogger trucks to crop dusters sorties!

    Act of war
    • Between 1999 and 2017 more than 40 nations were sprayed by chemical weapons, drilled out with electrostatic/EM/EMFc weapons, and their societies tortured by weaponized media.
    • The men doing it say it is not deadly, but the bugs and life are falling dead (where are the bugs), a measurable charge is found on the persons, and people are assisted dying "naturally" all over the world.
    • The group who flew the planes, built a media campaign suggesting only property damage is war, and that the enemy is one unit of the armed forces, "sabotage" aka "terrorism." The armed forces is only fighting one unit.
    • Those forty other nations have militaries as complex and well trained as the United States armed forces, who suggest to the public, if those nations do not swing back immediately, there is not war.
    • After fixing the american elections, a hair trigger could start the conflcit, advising the people how to locate it themselves.

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