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American Intelligence Models (AIM)

Did you take money to deploy or hide a weapon against American Communities?

Stand Up for your homeland and countrymen.

This information is available with password. Please inquire at for intelligence purposes. If you are found accessing this site, and part of any weapons deployment against the Southern United States (SUS+AU), we reserve the right to track the deployments of domestic enemies their weapons, and cooperation with foreign money. The American Union is a term used to refer to a collection of North and South American States, equal at forum with representation as nation states.

The expectation of leadership is that they understand the landscape on which they serve among men.

Looking for good men to photograph planes with date and time deploying chemical weapons against the American people and other nations. Must be able to test for nerve and biological agents. Must be unwilling to defend Trifecta+ Kill Operations deployed against the USA and other nations. Must be Willing to locate weapons deployed against American homes, vote locations, schools and politicians; able to reverse engineer media systems or identify exploitive commentary deployed by domestic and foreign enemy. Must be able to identify Canada chip deployment areas and other state subversive efforts. Must be able to learn and teach readiness prior to 9/10/2020 (nine tenths of the law, twenty twenty vision). Must be able to locate and organize breech and disarm of deployment and support sites. See visualization interface for more information.

Join the Fight!

It's easy! Just locate weapons.
Be careful, police officers are intercepting
search teams and disarm teams.

I reject reality.

Access Pre-Requisites
  • You must have CoA credential to ask for information (Citizen of North, South, and Central; American Union)
  • We are friendly with those other American States and Nations with or without agreement, at the Nations meeting place, with political and military cooperation's to confront issues affecting our societies.
  • Pease contact our organizations for details on deployments and plans for locating, disarming, and confronting the conflict on multiple fronts.
  • Agreements made to confront these operations are dissolved when deployments are Nil.

About the (AU) American Union
  • No person in the AU deployed weapons against your nation, politicians, or meeting places. We have not deployed radiological weapons, flown chemical bombers, used occupied media, or implanted your societies.
  • No politician of the AU has funded deployments or organized against an other nation that was not for community self defense.
  • The American Union reserves the right to confront enemies including organized and unorganized Armed Forces. We reserve no right to confront a foreign government without first exhausting diplomatic efforts.

During a time of war few weapons have opportunity written on them like those the defensive positions will not locate and actively deny. +American Intelligence Models (AIM)

Representation and Early Policy Goals

American Union: Politics
American Union: Policy United Nations

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