AU American Union
Visualization Interface for Operations

Our choice leaves no weapon deployed against the people of the Americas.
Radiological, weaponized media, and chemical bomber flights.
Gods bless the Americas!

Happy Thanksgiving! On This day men celebrate a dinner with American natives who gave the pilgrams food and taught white men to dowse.

Government of an Ark
(Domain built during the sighting of Five Suns in 2015, and two Suns.)

The Government of ARK, has a loose meaning "Government at perspective of the Garden Planet." A literal meaning, Government of perspective to the Ark. The meaning learned after the Ruler v1.3 was discovered and partially solved to understand the event in the sky. The appeal to god for natural freedoms is made to the government of anArk. AnARk, a Natural Belief built on observation of "thousands of years over natural."

If there is no natural comparison among the biodiverse flocks on this garden, it is not natural among men.

Political Representation
(Proposed during a comet encounter with the sun; ref. clock work.)

American Party; The color of our party is selected white on the flag, that republican, American, or democrat, we set a prism to the white light and find those other colors of party and skin, relative to our natural freedom in the American Union. Purity and freedom to be aspired. Our foundation is natural, arguing invariably the same object preferring planet and natural creation. The law recognized is that which is derived from prosperity agreements of Environment, Life, Liberty; and where these are not debatable for the flocks. A challenge will be issued, after an appeal to god for our natural endowed rights and rights to community defense, when vision is measured in the 2020s. The democrats and Republicans spend a lot of time adding law, we intend to be that measure of deconstruction removing what is not in accordance with popular prosperity agreements and freedoms. We do not fight with cages.

American Union
(Proposed during a solar eclipse of Washington, DC in the year 2017; clock work.)

An alliance of the southern states by town and county. Currently opposed to the deployments of radio and technology based weapons against our communities, trust violations, the spraying of the southern states and other American nations not of the united states. We are opposed to the use of media and propaganda weapons against our nests, those of the flocks, and among other collected issues not named here, including the criminalization of American natural freedoms and classification as deviations for Americans required to carry internet accessible public labels.

Seeking political analysts and other skilled contributions among thinkers and domestic defense, to provide input on how to establish the American Union; the establishment of Americas Golden Empire (Another name for United States); the AU.

Committed to developing sustainable environment and society; Ormond Beach, Florida in Volusia County. Soon to be the "freeist county" in the American Union, less violations of Prosperity agreements. Why live in Volusia? No need to fight for freedom here.

Our flag will add a representation each time we achieve a planet orbital or other planetary and solar orbit settlement.
(Perspective of)